Specialized consulting in cloud native continuous and progressive delivery, security and site reliability. Our unique approach enables our clients to create and deliver disruptive innovation with security, reliability and unparalleled speed.

By fully automating deployment for a cloud native telco operator, we reduced release time from one day to one hour. What could we do for you?

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Services and Expertise
Focus areas

Continuous Delivery, Progressive Delivery and GitOps in hybrid cloud environments

Delivering applications reliably to complex hybrid environments exposes a unique set of challenges. We are experts in progressive delivery, actively involved with projects such as Flux, ArgoCD and the CNCF GitOps Working Group

Site Reliability Engineering and Chaos Engineering

Assuring the reliability of a cloud native solution requires implementing new mechanisms to observe, test and operate your applications. Our expertise in Site Reliability and Chaos Engineering allows organizations to meet and exceed their service level objectives and extract insights from the behavior of their cloud native applications.

Continuous Security and DevSecOps

Cloud native solutions require a novel approach to security, integrating compliance, inspection and security practices throughout the lifecycle of your applications. We are experts in supply chain security, Kubernetes policy implementation and runtime threat detection.


Consulting Engagement

Our consulting engagements are carefully crafted to the specific needs of our clients, executed with precision while continuously evaluating performance and outcomes. Our approach to consulting is unique, focused on collaborative efforts, hands-on intervention and thorough focus on the unique scenario of each of our clients.

Assessment of DevOps Capabilities

The Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC) is a crowdsourced, vendor-neutral assessment tool from DevOps Institute with support from Cloud Native Architects. It’s designed for those who want to baseline their current DevOps state, identify the next target state, gain insights into how to improve capabilities, and measure and accelerate continuous improvement during their DevOps journey.

Webinars, Workshops and Bootcamps

Geared towards teams that are looking for specific, actionable knowledge on any one of our areas of expertise, we create fully customized webinars, workshops and bootcamps specifically targeted at the skill level and tech stack of your team.